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 Welcome to Stove and Yoshi's website!

As of Today until December 2nd at Midnight, we are having some Holiday Sales and Promotions! The Promo codes are pictured below, so feel free to use them however you like! 

We hope you enjoy checking out our original plush lines: The Picky Penguins, Character penguins, Little Pickies and the Twisted Teddies! In addition feel free to take a look at our brand new line: The Sleepy Time Pillows.We also have some NEW STUFF COMING SOON! Please check out the links above or click the images below for more information on each plush line/service we offer! All plushes are handmade and designed by Yoshi.

We are the Official NicoB Picky Penguin Plushie Maker! If you haven't already check out this awesome Youtuber:

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